The Avi-8 brand is born and bred out of a desire to re-think the idea of an aviation inspired watch.

Well past the idea of a timepiece as piece of inflight instrumentation, the brand instead looks to the history, the stories, the inspiration within the evolution of military aviation.


Between men and machine, and engineers, and designers the story of 20th century aviation is one that speaks to the best of the human spirit.


From the fields of Kittyhawk to the Sea Of Tranquility and on stops in between our desire to break free from the ground, from gravity is fused within the discipline, the daring, design and dedication of military aviation.


This is the story of Avi-8, timepieces that commemorate, celebrate and pay homage to the best of this rich vein of inspiration. In so doing the brand presents detailed, considered designs that speaks to a moment in time, but also on its own is a practical, wearable, stylish and enduring timepiece that is worthy of wrist time, day after day.